Benefits of a Healthy Diet

Posted on: May 2, 2011

The Benefits of a Healthy Diet are considerable indeed as well as extremely far reaching as well and so whilst you may grit your teeth and feel resentful at the experts constantly haranguing you to eat properly, they really are doing it with your best interests at heart.

A well balanced diet is advocated throughout the media because of the various Benefits of a Healthy Diet. But just what are the rewards for the person who is self-disciplined and motivated enough to ensure that they eat a nutritious diet? They are as follows:

1)      A healthy diet which contains a varied and large amount of fruit and vegetables will help safeguard against a number of diseases specifically, heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes.

2)      A healthy diet will protect against bone loss and damage, by increasing bone density and strength.

3)      Protect against the development of kidney stones and other associated renal problems.

4)      Diets which have a high potassium content will be useful for reducing the blood pressure of the dieter.

5)      High levels of fibre will also reduce high blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart failure and disease and will also reduce the temptation to binge eat. Fibre is also essential for keeping constipation to a minimum.

6)      Vitamin A (commonly found in carrots and apples) is excellent for ensuring healthy eyes as well as skin.

7)      The vitamin B family is essential for emotional well-being in that it will stave off anxiety and depression.

8)      A well balanced diet will make it much easier for a person to lose and control weight.

9)      Healthy food is cheaper and tastier than processed, junk food.

10)   Increased consumption of Vitamin C will ensure that the immune system is working at peak capacity. This in turn ensures that infection is staved off when it arises.

11)   Calcium helps with bone strength and growth meaning that skeletal disorders such as arthritis and osteoporosis are minimised and controlled.

12)   Iron consumption will ensure that your body creates sufficient levels of red blood cells which are in turn essential for ensuring that the cells around the body get sufficient oxygen.

As you can plainly see, the Benefits of a Healthy Diet are quite extensive indeed and will ensure that you significantly reduce your chances of incurring a health problem later on in your life.