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Chlamydia therapy requires antibiotics, both a single dose of azithromycin or even a week of doxycycline (twice day-to-day). Antibiotic therapy usually cures the infection. HIV-positive men and women with chlamydia can obtain identical treatment method as those people who’re HIV damaging.

All intercourse associates needs to be evaluated, tested, and get remedy for chlamydia. People today with chlamydia really should abstain from sexual intercourse until they and their sex soulmates have accomplished treatment; otherwise, reinfection is feasible.

Women whose sexual intercourse lovers haven’t been appropriately treated are at large threat for reinfection.

Getting numerous infections raises a woman’s chance of really serious reproductive health complications, together with infertility. Retesting should be thought of for females, in particular adolescents, 3 to four weeks soon after cure. This is in particular true if a woman doesn’t know if her sexual intercourse partner attained treatment method for how can chlamydia be cured

Treating chlamydia is effortless, however it’s critical in your case to find testing and treatment method right away.

By doing so, that you are getting very good consideration of the reproductive health and fitness. If you’ve chlamydia:

Get it taken care of right away. Check out a clinic, health practitioner, or nurse. Analysis suggests that possessing a sexually transmitted disorder (STD) raises your possibility of obtaining contaminated with HIV, the virus that leads to AIDS.

Follow your doctor’s orders, and end all the medicine that you happen to be provided. Even when the chlamydia signs go apart, you nonetheless need to complete all of the medicine.

Stay away from getting any sexual exercise though undergoing treatment.

Tell your sexual associates so that they can obtain chlamydia therapy too.

See your health practitioner in case your signs or symptoms do not disappear inside one particular to two weeks following finishing the medicine.

See your physician inside three to 4 months for chlamydia testing, specially but if your sexual spouse was not handled or if you’ve got a brand new sex companion.

Medical doctors, neighborhood wellbeing departments, and STD and household arranging clinics have details about STDs and can give you a test to discover if you might have chlamydia Usually do not suppose your health practitioner will automatically take a look at you. You may care for your self, even so, by asking about this disorder and requesting the appropriate testing.